Saturday, October 20, 2012

Weekly Impressions - Who (or what) is First?

My instructions given My people in the past,
I also impart to you.
My words are not wasted, nor My aim circumvented
By the wits that you possess.

I am omniscient, unchanging, and true;
I direct your paths.
Who are you to claim the wisest design
In the limits of your human mind?

Come to know Me and My righteous ways;
I long to welcome you.

What thoughts occupy your mind in a day?
These are the focus of your heart.
Upon what ideas do you meditate?
Am I your one true God?

What relationship have I with you 
If you hardly think of Me?
Do you give Me the time, do you listen to Me?
Then I am unfamiliar.

If I am your God, I am above all else -
All aspects of your life point to Me.
What have you raised higher than Me?
What idol has stolen My place?

Change the object of your meditations;
Focus your life upon Me.
Ponder my teachings throughout the day,
And yearn for them in your heart.

Seek after Me in everything;
I am waiting for you.

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