Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Safety Gates

When you have a small mobile child, one rather energy-saving item is a safety gate.  Our Son has been mobile since about five months, when he learned to crawl.  He is constantly on the go, and blocking his path to dangerous (or unsupervised) territory is so much easier than grabbing him every minute when he chooses to head that direction.

When I look back on my life as God’s child, I can see various safety gates that He has erected to keep me from going to dangerous places.  I am blessed that I cannot go anywhere apart from His supervision, but He does allow me to choose to either sin or to follow Him.  I don’t know about you, but I am finding more and more that I sin quite frequently, which can lead me to some pretty dangerous places - whether in my thought life, or in the physical world.

It is much like shutting a door, I think.  God closes Doors in our lives for many varying reasons.  Sometimes, though, it’s as though He puts up a safety gate that I can see through, but not go through.  And sometimes, I can see why He didn’t want me to go through that doorway.  

I am very thankful for safety gates, that they assist me in the care of Our Son, and that God uses them to sometimes clue me in on what He has saved me from.

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