Wednesday, March 13, 2013


It was a beautiful day today.  The new spring growth budded a brilliant green in the warm suns’ rays.  That light and new growth make His Creation so prominent that I can’t avoid thinking about Him.  God steps in front of me, so to speak, and waves, “Hi!”  

The sunshine often feels like God’s warm and loving embrace saying, “You are My child.”  There’s a lot in that statement.  It is both a protection and a command.  As His child, I can have the peace and contentment that He is looking out for me.  Yet it is also a command to shine His glory.  His glory is all around anyway, but He invites me to be a part of it.  To walk in the sunshine, and to reflect its glow to those around me.

I am thankful for the physical, spiritual, and metaphorical messages of sunshine.  May my thoughts be filled with Him, that He may overflow.

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