Thursday, April 11, 2013


I have nothing against Planning... I was just thankful for it!  However, it is nice sometimes, to be a bit spontaneous.  My husband  was going to be out late tonight, so I had planned to get some things done in his absence.  While still at work, my grandma and mom swung by, and I had a question for my grandma about a Knitting project of mine.  She told me to come over whenever I wanted and that she would show me how to do what I was asking.

First of all, it’s pretty neat that my grandma is willing to take the time to impart her knowledge to me.  Secondly, she’s also the type to be pretty spontaneous (which may be due in large part to my late grandpa... in all senses of the word).  As I thought about her offer at work, I realized that tonight would be the perfect night.  It would require a little doing, though, as my in-laws were expecting me to come take care of my son after work.

So... on a whim... I called my in-laws and asked if they wouldn’t mind watching my son for the night.  They said they didn’t mind, so I called my grandma and asked if tonight would work, to which she replied in the affirmative.  Spontaneity often seems to require a bit of “the planets aligning,” which makes it fun to see God move on my behalf to make it possible.  It also makes me step back and realize that God had already figured my spontaneity into His plan.

I am thankful that God created spontaneity, and that I was able to go enjoy an evening with my grandma on a whim due to His work in my life through the people I love.

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