Saturday, April 20, 2013

Weekly Impressions - His Final Say

Being intentional is a little like waking up.  I don’t wake up quickly.  It’s a bit of a slow grueling process.  Which is fine, because I’ve got an awesome God with me through it Who uses that somehow For His Glory.

So I’m beginning to work on how to be more Intentional about being a child of God, and being in a relationship with Him.  Part of that is “...taking every thought captive,” (from 2 Corinthians 10:5) and examining my Focus.  I’m trying to “check in” with Him throughout my day, to reinsure that my perspective is in the right place.  

God is God and I am not; 
He is in control.
Eternity on my horizon
God within my soul.

His hand - within my ways it works,
My circumstance commands.
Perfectly He advocates;
My life within His hands.

His will shall be my highest goal,
But when I go astray
Confession me, Forgiveness Him,
And He the final say.

I’m considering memorizing this one as a quick reminder of who I am and who He is.  God Keeps My Soul (Psalm 121), and as such, whom have I to fear?  He commands my circumstances, He controls the outcome.  Am I living this moment within His will?  Am I showing His Love?  What does this moment look like in light of eternity?  What would His final say be in this moment?

I mentioned that it feels a bit like waking up and that it’s a slow process.  Honestly, I think it’s just so much to take in.  It affects everything, as God always does.  I am grateful for His Teaching.

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