Tuesday, May 7, 2013

The Smell After Rain

I love stepping outside, oblivious and lost in thought, to be surprisingly and pleasantly confronted by the smell after the rain.  It catches my attention, much like walking in the door to smell fresh bread in the oven.  While inside, I don’t usually notice the weather, so, even if I might have known of the presence of rain, I am not brought to think about it until suddenly confronted with that delicious smell.

I love the Rain.  The very thought of rain can bring a smile to my face, and its presence often stirs a childlike delight.  Smelling the fresh, clean, and vibrant scent that it leaves often puts a twinkle in my eyes, along with the mild hope that it hasn’t left for the day, but will return shortly.  

I am thankful for the smell after rain, that God has fashioned me to delight in it.  Not only does my delight in His Creation bring Him glory, but bringing Him glory gives me fulfillment in Christ.

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