Friday, June 21, 2013

Faith Stories

I heard a story today about a man’s granddaughter who had received a fourth degree burn on her side.  If you aren’t sure what that means, fourth degree is when the skin is gone and the muscle beneath is also seared away.  Essentially, she had a hole in her side.  She was looking at multiple surgeries, at the end of which she still wouldn’t have full functionality.

Well this little girl believed in Jesus Christ, and she prayed.  Less than a week after she had received the burn, she was going to see the doctor who would determine the next step.  The nurse who had been tending her took her bandages off... to discover a whole side - no hole, the skin was complete, and there was no scarring.  In her 25 years of working in the burn victim unit, she had never seen this.  It was impossible.

But not for God.

I love getting to hear real-life faith stories like that.  Those kinds of stories encourage those of us who follow God.  It causes us to turn our minds upon Him and to praise Him for what He has done.  I am thankful that God works miracles in the lives of His children, and I am thankful that those miracles get shared with other believers, so that we might share in their joy.

To God be the glory!

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