Thursday, June 27, 2013


Fans are a rather integral part of our family’s life.  We use one in our son’s room to provide white noise for him to go to sleep (and to cover the background noise of the grownups that are still up).  We duplicate that use in our room, as we also enjoy the white noise to go to sleep to.  Fans also help save our Air Conditioning, as well as being a part of our air conditioning.  They are a useful and widely used tool.

My son loves them - especially ceiling fans, which we don’t have.  He whispers, “FA!” quite emphatically along with a pointed finger every time he sees one.  Just imagine the ceiling fan section at Lowe’s... they carpet about two rows of the ceiling (so the block is about four fans wide).  No matter where we are in the store, he always seems to gravitate toward that section.

I am thankful for God’s provision of fans, for the many uses that they have, and for the wonder that they evoke in my son.  

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