Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Celtic Music

A good fiddle bowing playfully across the scales in celtic fashion can nearly always lift my mood, or help me come back to reality.  Well... unless I get lost in the celtic world... which is a fun place to be, by the way.  There’s something about that rhythmic dancing melody that puts a smile on my face... often with a tint of mischief.  (Mischievous energy can be put to good use, mind you.)

I still don’t know how it is that Music carries our souls along with it, but I tell you it does.  I love the more melancholy celtic music, too, and that definitely takes me to the celtic realm with my own little twist of fancy.  As I tried to turn my thoughts tonight from the anime I had been watching to focus on bringing a thankful thing to the Lord, I found that a playful celtic fiddle was just the ticket.

I thank the Lord for celtic music, that its melodies and harmonies resonate with me, and that He has shown me how to use that to bring my focus to bear upon Him.  I pray that He teaches me to use more and more of the normal things in my life to do just that:  bring my focus to bear upon my Lord.  His glory is evident in them; if only I can see it.  I pray for the clarity of vision through His eyes.

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