Friday, July 26, 2013


My husband has been helping me with technical issues at work, as well as the purchase of a new computer.  With recent issues and circumstances, we determined that it was best to move ahead with the purchase as soon as we could.  There are a number of things to consider in our setup, and we would also be switching from a PC to a Mac, so we needed some time to determine what all was needed.

I asked if it was alright if I stayed home with my husband for awhile during work hours so that we could work out everything we'd need, along with a quote.  The answer?  Yes!  

One thing that I am definitely thankful for in the people that I work with is their flexibility.  The job itself has a measure of flexibility, too, which is rather nice.  To make a long story short, numerous of the church staff, elders, and volunteers were flexible with me today, and we were actually able to make the purchase today!  I thought that was quite the feat.

Their flexibility reminds me that God often uses circumstances that I need to be flexible within.  He will put that flexibility to good use.  For instance, to always be ready to witness and to be willing to take the time away from whatever I may have been doing at that moment.  It isn’t always that overt, either.  To open the door for someone; to offer a smile to a stranger; to take the time to talk to that person who keeps talking because they just don’t want to be alone, or are really struggling with something.  Or even to sign a check for the church secretary.

God is flexible with me - as evidenced by His grace.  I need to be flexible for God.  May I always be ready.

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