Saturday, August 3, 2013

Weekly Impressions - Focus in the Storm


I lift up this prayer to You.  I know that You have a reason for the loss of feeling in my arms, and the pain that the two pinched nerves in my neck bring.  I do praise You that I can rely upon Your good will for this trial.  I pray, though, that the time for its presence is drawing to a close.  I pray for Your healing and for Your wisdom.

I find myself a bit nervous, Lord, about what path to take that will lead toward healing - whether through massage, or chiropractic, or doctor, and which to choose.  I know that You know our financial situation, Lord, that we really can't afford any of those paths, if we continue on our current goal.  I know, too, that You will provide for us according to Your good will for Your children.  I pray that You would reveal to us the path that would bring You the most glory.

Lord, I see this pain taxing my strength, and though it is not shaking my faith, it is testing it.  I pray for Your strength to see Your will through, that I not draw in and rely upon You solely to sustain me, but also to minister to others.  

Help me to remember Your gracious promises of a life spent with You:  Your Love, Your Presence, Your peace, Your Joy, all these tools that are the blessing of the mind staid on Thee.  Help me to dwell on those, so as to remember that the trials of this world are nothing in comparison to You, and to what You have given me.  

I look forward to life in the new body that You will give me, and to seeing Your face.  I can't wait to hug You and to be held by You "in person."  Thank You that You do hold me here on earth, and help me to recognize that embrace, so that I can feel and remember Your blessing.  Help me not to seek and wish for the day of Your return so much that it blinds me to the blessings that You give here and now.

I praise You in this storm through Your power.  Please help me to see Your glory in it, and to reflect it.  May my life be pleasing to You.  May I rest in the tremendous knowledge of Your good and perfect will.

In Jesus' Risen Name,

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