Saturday, September 14, 2013

Weekly Impressions - Ground Rules

In my journey toward a thankful heart in my marriage, I set myself a bit of a ground rule to find something specific to each day.  I think this makes the practice more personal, rather than finding some generic thing that I’m thankful for (which I will still do on occasion if it’s important).  However, finding something during the day can be difficult if I haven’t had much contact with my husband that day.  This happened just this past week.

I had to be a little more creative in finding something to be thankful for, but he was away for a reason, and that reason was something to be thankful for (see His Christ-Driven Heart).  If my husband’s away for the same reason another day, I’ll have to be more inventive.  I think that in itself will be beneficial, though.  To intentionally seek something to be thankful for in my marriage is to intentionally foster my marriage.  As time goes on and I get some practice in, it should get a litter easier, too.

These thankful things within my marriage are intended first, to help me develop a thankful heart, but second, to serve as a springboard for you to be thankful for things in your own marriage (most of which could probably be applied to other relationships).  Think of it as a brainstorm to help get the juices flowing.

One word of caution that I think is important:  you will be hearing a lot about what I am thankful for in my husband.  This blog will be a one-sided and biased depiction.  Please don’t try to compare your marriage to mine; don’t fall into the rut of considering whose marriage is better, worse, or even more Christ-like.  This is about starting from where you’re at, and nurturing a specific relationship with a mind not only to improve the relationship, but to glorify God.  Marriage is a wonderful gift from Him, and there is always hope in marriage when we live in God’s Victory.

Thank you for joining me on my journey toward a thankful heart!  I truly value your support and accountability.

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