Wednesday, October 2, 2013


Upon waking this morning, my husband reached over and began to massage my shoulders.    (Ah, my companion, I see that spark of jealousy!)  My neck and shoulders are always tight - part of the reason I need traction, too - and a massage provides a measure of relief.  It’s also an incredibly helpful tool for easing me into the day in the morning!  (Yeah... not a morning person.)

I felt truly blessed this morning as he worked on my shoulders and neck - and threw in a few other places briefly, lest I forget to relax the rest of my body.  It may seem a little backwards that helping me relax aids me to get up, but massage also increases my blood flow (another little issue of mine), and blood flow is certainly helpful to jumpstart movement.

I’m not quite sure if my husband is actually putting more effort into doing things for me, or if I’m simply noticing those efforts more in this thankful journey within my marriage.  In either case, I am certainly thankful for his efforts, and for the way God is moving in our marriage through this journey.  And I am thankful for massages!

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