Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Pull My Neck

One of my physical needs is traction, and I am thankful that my husband will pull my neck to grant it.  As he pulls on my head, my neck will undergo a series of pops, and each one releases built-up pressure from the pull of gravity and my muscles.  I can also feel a little tingling of feeling in my numb arms.  It doesn’t last long, but I truly appreciate the relief it brings, and that it sets the compression process back a bit.

This past “neck-pulling session” (read traction) seemed to stretch a little further, and thus release a little more pressure, than it has in the past.  It felt heavenly.  If you have ever experienced a constant pain or a constant pressure, and you felt it dissipate - even just a little, or even for just a little while - you know how wonderful that feels, and how thankful you are for those moments.  

I thank the Lord that He offers me those moments of respite through the ministry of my husband caring for me as he pulls my neck.

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