Monday, October 28, 2013

Thoughtful Suggestions

As I’ve been working on the cover for my first book this week (see more on the Devotional Journals page), I have appreciated my husband’s thoughts.  He isn’t really one for design, but he tells me what he thinks and gives me thoughtful suggestions.  It isn’t only with the cover art, though.  This is one reason that I am thankful to have him as my husband.

As we discussed the cover, he challenged me on my philosophy behind the book itself.  What did I want to do with it?  Was I looking at it like a business or a ministry?  I’m not planning on really marketing the book myself.  I’ll be relying on word-of-mouth, perhaps some cover letters to churches, maybe even a homework book for counselees.  Right now, no one is going to be looking at my book on the shelf, and thus, the cover doesn’t have to catch the eye.  As he said, I can always change it later.

That doesn’t give me license to write it off, but it does change what I may or may not want to convey on the cover, and how much emphasis I place on it.  I thank the Lord for my husband and his thoughtful suggestions.  God often uses him to remind me to look at the big picture and the reasons why I do what I do.

What thoughtful suggestion might your spouse (or good friend) have given you lately?

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