Saturday, October 12, 2013

Warm Up the Bed

As Fall takes hold and the temperature cools, we are putting on sweaters and extra blankets.  We received an electric mattress as a gift several years ago, and each year, I have enjoyed it's use beginning in Fall.  Last night, as my husband went to bed, I stayed up to take a shower and attend to my blog.  Once finished with the shower, I settled into bed with my computer to discover that my husband had already turned on the heat to my mattress.  He had already warmed up the bed. 

As I sat against my Bolster with cold wet hair, I was glad to be in a toasty bed.  I am thankful for that electric mattress, but I am more thankful that my husband spares thought for what I enjoy, then does it for me.  As a person with poor circulation, the consideration of warmth is a blessing, indeed.  I thank the Lord for His spiritual fruit in my husband, and His subsequent blessings. May I be a similar blessing to my husband. 

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