Wednesday, November 13, 2013

I Love that You're Mine

My husband and I use this phrase a lot with each other - because it’s true.  I love holding him and feeling him, because he’s mine.  He is God’s gift to me, and mine to enjoy.  It’s a part of what marriage is.

He told me just this morning that he loved that I was his.  That phrase fills me with contentment and joy.  I know that just as God gave him to me, God also gave me to my husband, and it is a joy to glorify God through that relationship.  Through thick and thin, no matter the circumstance or trial, we are still one another’s.

We may not always feel our love for one another, but our feelings are not our guides.  God guides us through the truth of His Word and power of the Holy Spirit.  That is how we can love when we don’t feel like it.  Even when we sin, God is still faithful to use the outcome for our good.  There is always more to learn through His reproof.

I thank the Lord that my husband is mine - and that I am my husband’s.  May we seek Christ first in our marriage, and thereby glorify Him.  May we willingly and humbly accept His reproof and His teaching, that we might serve Him better.

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