Tuesday, December 31, 2013

His Input

My husband’s input comes in a variety of ways.  Sometimes it’s a new idea he thought of, sometimes a critique or praise.  

Last night I had a bit of a run-in with my candle.  It’s a pillar candle with three wicks, and it has previously melted a hole in its side to leak out - profusely.  After various attempts to prevent this, it happened again last night... while my husband slept and I was out of the room.  I had, shall we say, a bit of a mess to clean up.  It had leaked out of the plate on which I had set it, onto my night stand, into my crocheted headbands, off the nightstand, and onto (thank the Lord) a catalog lying on the carpet.  Some did, however, also seep off of the catalog and onto the carpet.  (There was A LOT of wax.)  Not to mention the splatter back up onto the nightstand.  A bit of a mess indeed.

At any rate, tonight I proclaimed to my husband that I had determined to never again use candles that weren’t contained in some form (at least, not for this particular purpose - a night light until I go to sleep).  This meant that I had a lot of wax from candles that were not contained, and he suggested the possibility that I could make my own candles with it.

The idea had crossed my mind, but I hadn’t been certain of its validity.  (I have a vivid imagination.)  My husband doesn’t suggest something of that nature unless he thinks it has a real chance of success.  I respect and value my husband’s opinion and input, and I had to smile in thanks to God for the validation of my unspoken idea.

I am thankful for my husband’s input, and that God blessed me with a man whose input I value.  Of course, that was part of my list of requirements for a husband, but I also see the Lord giving him wisdom as time advances.  I pray that God gives me wisdom, that my own input is as valuable.

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