Tuesday, December 3, 2013

His Unexpected Call

We had plans for tonight to go to a surprise dinner for my sister’s birthday.  Toward the end of my work day, my husband called me to confirm some plans.  It wasn’t a special call, but I was exhausted most of today and hadn’t been expecting his call.  Simply to hear his voice in my exhaustion was a wonderful uplift to the end of my workday.

While it was a brief call - and I had certainly wanted to prolong it - I let him hang up to continue his day.  It was enough to relish all the good feelings and memories that his voice evoked.  My husband is mine, and he loves me, and I love him.  I just love that.  So even a little call from him to check up on details of our plans made for a smile and encouragement.

You never know what God might use to encourage someone - including your spouse.  The effect is usually more powerful when intentionally employed.  I haven’t done a whole lot in that realm of late... I’ll have to devote some thought to it and plan to do a little something for my husband.  When was the last time you intentionally encouraged your spouse?

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