Friday, December 20, 2013

Make Decisions

My husband has been making more of an effort to lead our family, which leads to a great many decisions for him to make.  I may not always like his decisions, and he doesn’t always confer with me before he makes them, but honestly, I’m still glad that he makes them.  It makes my job as a wife much easier, because I know what he wants and where he stands, and thus, can more easily determine how to support him.  It takes out a bit of the guesswork.

I can’t remind myself enough:  being a wife is my main ministry.  When I consider it from that perspective, it’s like I can “just relax and do my job.”  I don’t need to be so concerned with own personal desires, etc, because it is my service to God to be concerned with my husband’s goals.  Knowing that I am serving the perfect and omniscient Creator in something that He has set for me to do brings a peace in and of itself.

In a much smaller way, when my husband makes a decision, it brings a peace for me to know how I can serve him, too.  I am thankful that he makes decisions.  I pray that the Lord keeps drawing my stray focus back to my main ministry, and the peace that serving Him brings.

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