Monday, December 30, 2013

Taking Responsibility

My husband is very mindful of our son.  When the little man is being unruly, needs to be fed, put down for a nap, etc. my husband is usually on it.  It’s even rare that he asks me to do it instead, unless he has something else pressing to do.  I had always figured that would be my job as the mother, but I must say that I’m thankful that my husband has taken prime responsibility for our family.

It isn’t that it’s an inconvenience for me to care for my son.  When my husband does it instead, however, there are any number of things that I can get done during that time.  Us moms always have something going at any given time, and I also have several hobbies that appreciate the time.

My prayer is, though I take “advantage” of his ready responsibility, that I don’t ever take the attitude that it’s my “right” to have that time.  It is my responsibility to take over if he asks me to, and I want to be ready for that.  Occasionally, he does, and I am thankful for that, too.  The more he asks, the more I can serve him that way.  Otherwise, I can include his own goals in the tasks that I can accomplish during the time he gives me by taking care of my son.

Is there something that you might be able to do for a spouse or close friend during your moments of snatched time?

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