Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Godly Advice

I am so glad to have people of whom I can ask godly advice.  I sought it from two people today, and also received it from a third by God’s design.  The first person I sought council from was my husband, and I am thankful for the talk we had.  It means a lot to be able to share my heart with my husband and to have him listen.  The other was a godly woman and biblical counselor whom I would ask to mentor me if she weren’t so busy.  The last was my grandma, whom I would not have ordinarily seen today, but for God’s orchestration.

They each had a different point of view on my current struggle, and each gave advice accordingly - all relevant and applicable.  That’s the best kind of advice - the kind that also explains the application.  I am thankful to have God’s people around me, that I might seek counsel that would align with His will.  Other perspectives can be invaluable - especially when I am having difficulty shifting my focus.  It helps me to see things in a new light.

I thank the Lord for godly advice, that He calmed my heart with it, and pointed me back to Him.  I pray that I might hold fast to my identity in Christ, and that I would remember that my worth is in Him.

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