Friday, January 31, 2014

Warm Feet

I’m a bit cold-blooded (as in cold feet and hands).  My husband bears the brunt of this issue when I get into bed.  Usually, I’m able to spare him between my heated mattress and electric blanket, but tonight, they were hurting with cold.  He makes for an even greater target in my mind due to the stories his mother tells about his “five degree increase” in temperature while he slept as a baby.

Unsuspecting, my husband slept peacefully beside me, when I wormed my freezing foot over to touch his - blissful warmth!  I gaged his reaction carefully… he didn’t stir.  I wormed a little more of my foot’s surface area to touch more of his… still no reaction, and I could feel the warmth easing my foot muscles.  I soaked it in, stealing away his warmth for a bit, yet this was not helping my other foot.  I slipped another tentative toe toward his other foot, and soon began stealing his warmth at twice the speed.

He stirred twice.  That was all.  I asked him the next morning if he had woken or remembered.  Nope.  Score!  I thank the Lord for husband’s warm feet and unconcerned attitude.  When the cold strikes, my husband is there.

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