Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Stopping By

Dear Lord,

It’s always a nice surprise when my hubby stops by my work, and he did so today.  Seeing his face brought a smile to mine, and I thank You that You gave him the opportunity to do so.  I struggled a little today with being at work, as You know from my earlier prayers, and I thank You, too, for the ability to be with family more than I would have been.  When I struggled the most, You even brought someone else in - our church financial secretary, who brings me a frozen (or hot) chocolate at least once a week when he comes in to volunteer some time.  Thank You for Your ministry to me in those who stop by the church (work) for various reasons.

You know my struggles, Lord, and You always care for me.  Thank You for that, and that I can depend on You - fully.  Thank You that I should depend on You fully.  Your love envelopes me, and I cannot thank You enough.  As I go to sleep, help me to rest in Your embrace.

In Jesus’ Name, amen.

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