Saturday, March 15, 2014

Fire Stations

Dear Lord,

Thank You for the realization today as I played with my two-year-old in the park that I could walk him to the fire station that sits on the far side of the park.  A large park, granted, length of nearly two football fields, but still not far.  I’m not quite sure why it hadn’t occurred to me earlier in his life, but I thank You that it did today.  (And I thank You that such a great park is only two blocks from our home!)

It’s fun to see his interests, and he definitely has the boyish interest of fire trucks (and trash trucks, for that matter).  I admit I was a little surprised by his shyness with the kind fireman who gave us a tour; passing up the opportunity to sit in the driver’s seat because he was shy was not something I had expected.  He still enjoyed it, though, and I was glad to see his little grin behind the fireman’s back!

Thank You for this opportunity to be a parent, and to catch a glimpse of what the world is like behind those young eyes.  Sometimes, You seem to remind me of Your wonder through them.  Today, it was Your wonder of a fire station.  Please help me to share with him that the wonder - and the orchestration of it - is Yours.  May he grow to be a light for You.

In Jesus’ Name, amen.

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