Saturday, April 12, 2014

Ruth's Chris

Dear Lord,

I don’t consider myself a food person… but that amazing steak at Ruth’s Chris was heaven in every bite!  Thank You for the opportunity to go to Ruth’s Chris!  My husband and I enjoyed it immensely; it was quite the rare treat!  Every time I took a bite, my mouth practically sent endorphins scurrying through my body in delight.  It was so good!

It was a rare treat, too, to enjoy their service.  It certainly isn’t every year that we go to a restaurant in which they scrape the crumbs off your table between plates.  We were asked by three different people - the server, and I’m assuming a manager and owner? - whether our food was to our satisfaction (most definitely!).  They topped it off by opening the door for us on the way out.  It was truly an evening of feeling special with my hubby.

Thank You, Lord, for a dinner at Ruth’s Chris.

In Jesus’ Name, amen.

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