Saturday, May 10, 2014


Dear Lord,

I just wanted to thank You for clothes.  I thank You for the covering they are, but when I consider that they weren’t necessary before the Fall it makes me wonder:  would we have ever gotten to the point of using them had we not sinned?  They provide such a vast variety of customization!  Even before the Fall, You included in Your creation the means by which we could make clothes.  In Your infinite wisdom, You always have the future in mind, but I do wonder if we might have used clothes - at least for some things - before sin came onto the scene. 

I thank You for clothes and how we can express ourselves through them.  I don’t think I’m as “gung-ho” for them as most girls, but I do enjoy a long, flowing dress!  I know You give us variety in our created bodies, but clothes - from one set to another - can make us look so different!  I rather enjoy being able to change my look sometimes.  And I am glad that I can look to You and know that You were the One who made that possible.  It’s so awesome that I can glorify You by enjoying You!

In Jesus’ Name, amen.

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