Thursday, May 9, 2013

God's Omnipotence

I struggled a bit today with anxiety in regard to some decisions that my husband would be making for our family.  I didn’t think that he was taking my thoughts into consideration, and I found myself in a spiral of worrying over things that I couldn’t control.  

I tried to take my thoughts captive, and to replace them with being thankful for things.  It helped to stop the spiral while I was listing things that I was thankful for, but I reverted right back.  I prayed my little Prayer of Thanksgiving, making sure to Confess my sin, and tried to focus on the fact that God was in control, but still found myself struggling.  

Then I remembered something I had written in my Weekly Impressions - Submission.  If I am anxious about a decision my husband has made, then I am anxious about where God has put me.  Putting it in those terms helped.  How could I be anxious about where God has put me?  He’s all-powerfulHe is in charge of my situation, He knows everything that’s going on and how to deal with it, He commands all of Creation - He commands my very breath!  Of course I can trust a God like that.

So I had to bring it back to my situation.  That means that God is in charge of the decision(s) that my husband makes.  Even though my husband is fallible, my God is not.  No matter what the outcome of those decisions, God will use it for good.

I am thankful that God used the knowledge of His omnipotence to win my battle today against anxiety.  I am thankful that He is omnipotent - or we wouldn’t be able to trust Him.  May you be able to rest in the knowledge of His omnipotence.

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