Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Homemade Ice Cream

I was quite tired yesterday after a weekend of late (and fun) nights and helping friends to move and unpack.  I met up with my husband at my in-laws’ house after the unpacking to discover that a delicious tri-tip meal awaited.  This was wonderful news.  What news could be better?  Chocolate.  Homemade.  Ice cream.

Oh yes.  Delicious sweet and creamy goodness.  I tell you the Lord spoils me sometimes.  That chocolate homemade ice cream hit the spot amid my tired bones.  I remember trying to eat slowly to savor it, but struggling to keep my hand from shoveling it in; it tasted so good!

I am thankful that my mom-in-law made chocolate ice cream for her family to enjoy, and for how God used her ice cream to minister to me.  

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