Monday, May 20, 2013

Mornings Without Traffic

My family has two highways to drive on our way to church.  One of them is under construction to become a four-lane highway instead of just one lane both directions, for which I’m thankful.  I have generally found it unsafe to drive this highway at its posted speed limit.  If I don’t drive at least five miles per hour over, I will have people passing me over a double yellow line (and sometimes even then).

I was grateful this morning to find that throughout the entire section of this highway that is a single lane both directions, I had absolutely no traffic on my side.  It made for a very relaxing morning of dialogue with God about what speed I should be driving.  I have certainly gotten used to (at least) five miles per hour above the speed limit, but I find that God will sometimes tap me on the shoulder about it.  On a morning such as this, it was easy to drive the speed limit without any impatient people behind me.  It was easy to obey.

Each time I encounter this, I wonder about whether or not I should always (aside from dire emergencies) drive the speed limit - even if I don’t feel safe in doing so.  I still haven’t come to a conclusion on that, but I am reminded that following God isn’t always safe.  I can understand a measure of wisdom in choosing one’s battles... but if my actions are dishonoring to God, then isn’t it a battle I should fight?  Or is it dishonoring to God to put aside my government’s law, if I do so out of concern for safety?

I thank God that He uses times like mornings without traffic to make me consider such questions.  Even if I don’t have the answers, at least I am seeking God in my life, and asking Him for what is right.  What are your thoughts on the subject?

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