Tuesday, May 21, 2013


There’s a particular patch of ceiling in the dining room of my home that has been bare drywall and partially mudded for approximately four years.  We recently finished the mud and texture and are now on to the paint.  While it hasn’t been a large nuisance (it is the ceiling), it has been a minor one.  Now, I enjoy looking up at it - even after just the primer - and thinking, that looks so much better!  I am thankful for paint, and the clean feeling that a fresh coat can produce.  

We also plan to paint our cupboard doors soon.  This will not only look nicer, but also protect the bare wood of the door from the water that often gets splashed around when a certain little boy helps out (and sometimes even when he doesn’t).  So I am also thankful for the protection that paint can provide.

I am glad that God gave us paint, whether for art to stir us, color to freshen, or practical protection for our things.  I love how God takes care of us - even if He Answers a Prayer for certain items on the house to be finished now with "Wait."  If the answer is to wait, then I must have patience, because the time will come.

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