Saturday, May 10, 2014

His Tackling House Projects

Dear Lord,

Thank You that my husband will purposefully look around the house for projects that need to be done.  Yesterday, I enjoyed the pleasure of hearing that, rather than doing homework that day (which would be done later by the due date), he was going to work on some house projects.  I was pretty stoked.  One of our major goals, as You know, is to move into town, which means that we’ll need to sell our house for enough to at least come up with a down payment.  Anything we can do to raise its value will be helpful.

That he looks for and tackles those house projects tells me that we are working toward the same goals, and it also tells me that he is willing to put forth the effort to provide for me.  Thank You, Lord, for Your work in him.  Thank You, too, for Your work in me that allows me to see it.  I pray Your blessing on our moving and house endeavors, and that I would continue to look for Your grace and love in it.

In Jesus’ Name, amen.

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