Saturday, May 31, 2014

Ice Packs

Dear Lord,

After my two-year-old son dropped a step stool on my virtually bare foot this morning, I was most certainly thankful for ice packs.  The cold slashed the pain to nothing when I kept my foot still, and made it a bit easier to limp around.  Not to mention the fact that it kept the swelling down.  I am thankful for the basic knowledge to use an ice pack.  A lovely bruise is forming, and I’m not quite certain of the extent of the damage, but I’m thankful that nothing seems to be broken, and that the pain seems to be somewhat minimal.

Thank You, Lord, for Your care.  I know that You allowed it to happen, and, for that reason, I can be thankful for it.  It helps that it wasn’t horrendously painful (if more than I’ve had for awhile).  I had unshed tears from the initial drop, and it was a bit hard not to cry.  Yet even so, I knew You were in control.  I know that the greater the pain - whether emotional or physical - the harder it can be to keep that perspective.  I thank You that You are training me in that direction, because life is so much more joyful when You are my focus.  Thank You for Your love, Lord.

In Jesus’ Name, amen.

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