Saturday, May 31, 2014

My Son's Ministrations

Dear Lord,

As You know, my two-year-old son dropped a step stool on my foot today, and I sat for some time with an ice pack on it.  He was so cute as he came up to check out what was going on, commenting on how soft it was (one of those with a cover), and that, “Mommy got hurt.”  As he petted the ice pack, drove his truck over it, and commented that he needed one, too, I found it amusing to consider being the subject (victim…) of his ministrations one day.

He was very sweet about it, and claimed that I also needed a bandaid.  It’s been interesting trying to teach him when certain things are needed and when they’re not.  It is fun to see when he grasps new concepts, but some have not yet taken hold.  I enjoyed talking with him today about me getting hurt, and about what is an appropriate ministration, and what not.  I do wonder if and when he might take care of me in the future, and I pray not only that he would have a much better concept then of what to do, but that I would be a “good patient” and reflection of your glory.

Thank You for my son’s “ministrations” today, and for the reminder they were of when I played doctor with my great-grandmother.  She was most certainly a good patient of my “ministrations!”

In Jesus’ Name, amen.

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