Wednesday, June 4, 2014

A Little at a Time

Dear Lord,

Thank You for the concept of accomplishing things a little at a time.  There are soooo many projects that I would never have accomplished had I tried to do them all at once.  Lately, the three biggest things on my list are my second book (finished copying and formatting the content!), my knitting (finished an afghan!), and the filing at home (weeded out a significant amount of what I don’t need).  It’s funny how the concept can seem unfeasible, yet when put in practice, it isn’t long before I’m much farther than I thought I’d be!

The next area in which my husband and I intend to use this concept (and bit of Your wisdom) is in our finances.  This might be the hardest area in which to apply and stick with saving a little at a time.  The goal can be so daunting sometimes!  (We want to save a downpayment for a home in town.)  Yet, we’ve seen You work in our finances through a little at a time in the past.  Your math is impressive!  Thank You for Your past help, and we pray for Your help in this goal, as well.  Help us to be steadfast in our budget “belt-cinching” and to glorify You as we do.

In Jesus’ Name, amen.

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