Sunday, June 8, 2014

Our Son's Sandbox

Dear Lord,

Thank You that my parents gave our little man a sandbox.  We finally got it set up and ready for the sand, so my dad brought it yesterday.  Little Man has had sooo much fun with it!  It may be a bit difficult to train him not to get the sand outside of the sandbox, but at least he isn’t terrible about it.  We have shown him how to make roads for his dump trucks, cars, and tractors; make a sandcastle with his buckets; make “stairs” down into a hole; and a number of other things.  Not to mention he just likes to tromp through the sand.  In other words, I am very thankful for the hours of endless fun that our son’s sandbox elicits from his imagination.

Thank You, Lord, for an easy way to care for my son for awhile.  He gets to be outside using his imagination, and it even has a shade from the sun.  In the midst of another wave of heightened pain, it is a blessing to have an easy way to care for him.  Thank You, Lord, for Your care for me.

In Jesus’ Name, amen.

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