Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Sleep Talk

Dear Lord,

I rather enjoy one of the quirks that You gave my husband.  As I ready myself for sleep, I will sometimes hear sudden statements or questions from my sleeping husband.  Last night it was, “Ummm… we don’t want anything hanging from the ceiling, please.”  He even said it in a bit of a brook-no-nonsense voice.

Smiling to myself, I asked him, “So no spiders?”

I heard a quick exhalation of breath in a laugh, but he was still asleep.  He doesn’t remember it, either, and we’re both curious what he was dreaming about.

Thank You for those moments, Lord.  I really enjoy my husband’s quirks, and getting to share them with You in the moment, and even with him later as we both laugh over it.  Witnessing his quirks seems to be one of those ways in which I feel closer to him, and I feel like the closer I am to my husband, the more I honor You.

Thank You for that opportunity, Lord, and I pray that I stay alert for other quirks and opportunities.

In Jesus’ Name, amen.

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