Thursday, June 26, 2014

Story Ideas

Dear Lord,

Thank You for helping me think through some of my story ideas.  As You know, I’ve been working on the background for my novel, and I’ve been dissatisfied with a key element that ties many things in.  Since I want the novel to glorify You, and the protagonist lives in a fantasy world, I have been considering if and how to incorporate Your Word and its instruction.  

I discovered that incorporating Your truth directly into the fantasy was a bit jarring, so that means that I have to create a fantasy version of You and Your Word specifically for the novel.  Sort of like what C.S. Lewis did in Narnia.  My main trouble is that I want to bring out some of Your truth and how it really applies to our lives to help us live in Your love, grace, freedom, and victory.  This calls for an interesting combination of fantasy and logic.

And so I thank You for a particular story idea that has solved a number of issues in theory, if I still need to work out some details.  Thank You, too, that, though I don’t have the time to continue writing the novel, that doesn’t mean that I have to give up working on it.  I can still think on it from time to time to keep it fresh, which actually helps me to solidify the background world and better outline the parts that I haven’t written yet.  Thank You for the fun of a project that I pray will glorify You.

In Jesus’ Name, amen.

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