Tuesday, October 23, 2012


As a person with fibromyalgia, I have my good days, my low tolerance days, and my bad days.  On days when my pain tolerance is low, I am thankful for Aleve.  It doesn’t make the pain go away, but it usually takes the edge off, which is just what I need.  

Aleve is certainly not my end-all answer, but it is a useful aid.  I’m not particularly partial to medication, and I use it as rarely as possible, but God didn’t give us science and all of these herbs for nothing.

When I’m suffering on a low tolerance day, I am having trouble finding the strength to keep fighting.  It is during these times that I cry out to God for His mercy.  My God sustains me, and sometimes He uses medication to help.  Medication and science have their uses and are wondrous things - but take heed lest ye worship the creation, and not the Creator.  When I focus on the creation, I misplace my hope and trust, and am sure to be disappointed.

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