Monday, October 22, 2012


After bearing my son, it was about nine months before I was able to walk with the same gait as I had before pregnancy.  This was due in part to gaining a significant amount of weight, but the primary issue was balance.  

I used to dance in high school, and got to the point where I could pretty consistently pull off a double-pirouette (and was once proud of myself for completing a triple).  This is actually nothing to brag about, but it does show that I had decent balance.

It has now been two weeks shy of a year since my son’s birth.  I was told that pregnancy would throw off my balance, but not for up to a year afterward!  Be forewarned new mamas!  Them little babies is tricksy!

Dancing isn’t my foremost talent, but I do possess it to a degree.  I was beginning to fear that I had lost the fluidity and grace in my dance.  Today, I started dancing in the dining room to entertain my son, and realized that it felt like it used to instead of a little awkward.  It feels so good and I am so thankful to have it back!  It is an expression of God when we can skillfully use the talents He has given us.  

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