Friday, October 19, 2012

Comfy Couches

If you have a comfy couch in your home, you’ll find that you will accumulate quite a few memories associated with it.  Especially if you have a little imagination.  

I loved making forts and tunnels out of the cushions when I was young.  I only had three cushions, so I usually suspended the cushions between the coffee table and the couch, perhaps with a door on each side.  I was pretty stoked when, later on, we got a couch and a loveseat.  I hadn’t played with the cushions for some time, but couldn’t pass up the opportunity.  (I asked Mom’s permission, of course.)

When I was a little older, it was more of what we did while on the couch - like rough-housing with my brother or watching television with my dad.  We had a few sleepovers when I forewent my bed in favor of staying in the living room with my friends - I usually let them have the couch.  I would wake up early with my brother and sister to watch Saturday cartoons, or stay up late playing video games.  When I was sick, I would lie on the couch and watch movies.  At my own home (I have a comfy loveseat), my friend and I played pirates with my niece and pretended that the couch was a ship.  There are a myriad memories that I associate with comfy couches.

I am thankful for them because they lend themselves to spending time with family and making memories on and around them.  It’s a natural place to congregate and spend time.  (It helps that time and touch are my two love languages.)  I see comfy couches as one of the tools that God created for interpersonal connection - especially among family and friends.

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