Tuesday, May 13, 2014


Dear Lord,

Thank You for possibilities.  As my husband is a couple weeks from finishing his Associates degree and looking for work, You have placed two interesting job possibilities before us.  One would be a substantial increase in our income, allow us to move sooner rather than later, and open a whole world of possibilities.  We don’t want to get too excited, since You haven’t actually given the job to him (yet?), but the Anticipation and thoughts this has aroused have been very fun!

Thank You, Lord, for how You use possibilities.  As I try to keep my hope and thoughts fixed on You, it has been fun to consider what we might do with the extra income.  Initially, of course, the thought was simply, “MOVE!” as one of our foremost desires is to move into town and cut down my forty-five minute drive to work (among other pluses).  Yet that would also mean that we could invest, I could cut back on work if needed, we could increase the amount we could put toward Christmas and birthdays, etc… and a plethora of other things, like hobbies.  

However, as my husband and I considered what You would have us do with the extra money, and that it would be Your money, we realized that our home purchase could be geared toward the ability to entertain others - a dream You’ve given us in the past, but that our location has hindered.  We could give more to our church’s building campaign.  We could give to our friends and others in need.  Certainly, we don’t think You’ve called us to give it all away, as our first God-given responsibility is to care for our family, but it’s exciting to think how You can use the money, and how we can align our desires with Yours.

It also got me thinking about some of my considerations of mini-business ventures, and what my motivation was behind them.  To some degree, I associated them with my hobbies, and thus they would also be a bit of fun, but the main reason that I even considered them was that I felt the pressure of supplementing our income.  I had given it a considerable amount of thought under that pressure.  Those ideas weren’t bad, but my motivation was not entirely pure, or reasoned out.  Thank You for using this job possibility as a way to reveal that to me.

And so, though I do pray that this job possibility would become a reality in Your will, I am thankful for it, even if You don’t give it to my husband.  We don’t want to do something outside of Your will, anyway.  Thank You, Lord, that You use everything!

In Jesus’ Name, amen.

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