Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Learning to Block

Dear Lord,

Thank You for Gramma, who is always so willing to teach me anything she knows.  One of the areas I’ve been lacking in my knitting is knowing how to block it.  (For the reader, when finished, you “block” your piece to make it square, usually.)  As You know, I’ve had a project (which will be quite useful when finished) sitting waiting for months for me to finish it, which only requires that I block it.  Since Gramma explained the process to me (and sent me home with the additional tools I needed!), I was able to employ her directions to block a small piece upon which I could practice.

I’m still waiting for the finished result to dry, but I do think that I will be pleased with it, and can’t wait to employ it on my other project (a knitting needle case)!  Knowing how to block opens up numerous possibilities for the new projects that I can take on, and I am thankful for learning to block.  Help me to use the skill to glorify You.

In Jesus’ Name, amen.

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