Sunday, July 13, 2014

My New Maxi Dress

Dear Lord,

It’s fun to get something new.  Especially when you’ve been looking for it for about two years!  I love the feel of long dresses and skirts as they move around my ankles, so I’ve been looking for a maxi dress.  However, this wife had standards… and requirements.  Boat necks don’t look so great on me, so I wanted a V-neck.  I also wanted just a little bit of a sleeve, since cut-off (and even spaghetti straps) don’t flatter me.  Finding a V-neck that wasn’t too low was quite the challenge.  In the end, however, I finally found one that I could at least pin.  I also wanted something that wasn’t see-through, but that proved difficult as well, and I finally decided that a slip was not too onerous.

Thank You, Lord for my great find that was even on clearance!  I enjoyed wearing it today and am definitely glad to have found it.  I love the light stretchy fabric, and it was even my color, too!  Thank You for giving me the perseverance to keep looking on occasion and not to give up entirely on my quest.  Thank You for the gift of my new maxi dress.

In Jesus’ Name, amen.

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