Saturday, July 19, 2014

Renaissance Faire

Dear Lord,

Thank You for an enjoyable morning at the Renaissance Faire.  Our little two-and-a-half-year-old son enjoyed it, too!  So many new things and people to see, such a different atmosphere, and even a pony ride!  Thank You that the people there were more than willing to help make him feel at home.  He received more than one gift.

“Would you like a blessing?” one lady asked him, with a small passel of necklaces.  He liked his shell on its leather cord, and noted it at various points the rest of the day.  

“Would you like a toy?” another lady asked as she approached him with a small opened chest with knights and large fake coins inside.  He chose a coin; he must like shiny things.

“Would you like some gems?” a couple of ladies asked him later on, proffering those smooth glass stones.  Why yes, yes he would.

He got to try sarsaparilla, a new type of sausage (like a polish dog), and even tried on a chain mail coif, which covered rather more than his head.  Oh the grins on his face today!  Thank You, Lord, for the marvels and wonders of the Renaissance Faire for our little man.

Thank You, too, for all of the things that made it possible and convenient (like the stroller!), and that most of my family were able to come with us.  I have long enjoyed the Faire, and it was fun to get to show them the various shops and oddities.  And, of course, the joust!  Thank You for a fun day at the Ren Faire!

In Jesus’ Name, amen.

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