Friday, April 26, 2013

Knitted Baby Blankets

Between my family and my extended family, we have a few knitters among us, so my son was “well-equipped” with knitted baby blankets by the time he arrived.  He loves them!   I have found that he doesn’t have just one favorite blankie; as long as it’s knitted (or crocheted - the feel is what counts), he likes it.  That makes it much easier as far as keeping him happy.

However, the part I am most thankful for was perfectly demonstrated to me this morning.  I walked in to find my little man still asleep in his crib; he’d had a big day the day before.  He was a cute little curled up bundle... whose head and arms were wrapped snugly and entirely by his blanket.  If it were any other type of blanket, I would worry that he had suffocated himself.  A knit blanket, however, has breathing room between the stitches.  It might be possible to suffocate yourself with one, but you’d have to work pretty hard at it.

I promptly unwrapped him, and though the worrisome thought did cross my mind, he was just fine.  In fact, my sleepy little boy wanted his blanket back.  So I thank the Lord for knitted baby blankets, that I don’t need to fear for my little man’s life from something so innocuous as his blanket.  With all of the regulations, advice, facts, and myths that get thrown at new moms, it makes for one less thing to worry about (with the bonus that I can make it myself!).  

While God certainly gives me responsibilities as Mommy, I must also entrust my son’s life to the Heavenly Father.  There are a myriad things that could go wrong in that first year, especially, but I am so glad that, ultimately, God is in charge of them all.  Sometimes I must sit back and remind myself of that.  His Grace isn’t just sufficient for me; it’s sufficient for my son, too.

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