Wednesday, April 3, 2013


Any surface in my home tends to get overrun with stuff.  My nightstand cannot escape this inevitability.  It, too, needs periodic clearing, just as our Table does.  It accumulates jewelry; various items for my hair; nail clippers; Chapstick and Lotion; candles; holds my lamp, phone, and keys; and the occasional odds and ends.

It is most useful to me as a catch-all and as a stand (go figure) for my Water.  The water is the more important feature of late, as I have been Sick, and needed to wet my dry mouth during the night.  Falling asleep seems a bit hit-and-miss lately.  Not being awake very long to take a drink of water helps me to fall back to sleep much faster, rather than having to get out of bed to obtain one.  It would be harder to maneuver my water off of the floor - and then, my one-year-old wouldn’t have the finite boundary of the nightstand to stay away from.

I am thankful for nightstands, that God provides conveniences for us.  I use it daily (and nightly), and probably wouldn’t get as much sleep without it.  Thank You, Lord!

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