Thursday, April 4, 2013

Tech Support

This one’s kinda cheating, because my Husband is my tech support... but he really is good at it.  I started using a new Apple program today:  Keynote, which is the Mac equivalent of Powerpoint.  My Church is slowly migrating over to Mac, so I’ll be using Keynote at work, and thus, need to learn how to use it.

I can fumble around a new program well enough, but there are usually one or two things that I have to ask about.  Such was the case today, and I called my tech support.  I was also a little sketchy about how to access and save a file over our network from my personal Mac to my work PC.  (As an aside, I like being able to call my sweetie from work.)  

He walked me through the steps, and when I had a hard time explaining, he logged onto my computer remotely and showed me what I needed to do.  He always seems to have some technological trick up his sleeve.  It’s kinda fun calling him for tech support, because I’ll often find out about some other cool thing that he can do.

So I am thankful for tech support... mine, more specifically.  Without him, I would have a significantly harder time accomplishing certain things at work.  I’ve run ideas by him at a few different jobs that I’ve had, and have been able to make some great recommendations and provide better service as an employee as a result.  I am thankful that God gave me such a wonderful resource - especially since it’s in the form of my husband!

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