Monday, October 14, 2013

A Day Together

My work place takes federal holidays off, of which Columbus Day is one.  My husband also didn’t have school on Monday, so it worked out well.  Three day weekend - for two!  Our anniversary also happens to fall on Tuesday, so we determined to go do something a little special:  we went to the coast, cruised the shops, watched the ocean, and had lunch together.  We haven’t been able to do that alone since our son was born, nearly two years ago.  It was so nice to enjoy one another’s company on a relaxing outing.

I am thankful that we had a day together.  Our time is often split between many things, and it was heavenly to be able to focus on one another.  September was an incredibly busy month for us, and October hadn’t slowed enough yet for us to truly catch up.  This day together was almost like a mini-vacation in the midst of that.  I thank the Lord for His timing, orchestration, and love.

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