Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Biblical Parenting Classes

My husband and I have been attending a Biblical counseling course.  He would like to become a certified ACBC (previously NANC) counselor, and I go for the Biblical answers.  This particular course is based on marriage and family.  We just finished the first set of five on marriage, and have moved onto the parenting classes.

My husband and I have taken to having our date night right after class.  While this makes for a late night, it has proven invaluable in our discussions.  We had our first class on parenting on Monday, and it gave us a bit to think about.  I have wondered lately about how to best bring up our son as he nears an age where we can do more than discipline him.  We haven’t really had a “plan” per se, and the class gave us some good material to consider, as well as a great place to start.  My husband and I were able to get on the same page about a couple of things that we might like to do.

I am thankful for Biblical parenting classes, that in attending one, we were able to discuss some ideas to get on the same page.  There is much more to discuss, but I am glad that we have begun.  It is an important calling and ministry to raise our children in the way of the Lord.  May He bless our child through our plans.

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